Our training philosophy at Gotham provides the tools for individuals young and old, athletic or not, the opportunity to have flexibility & mobility while becoming stronger by training the body the way it was designed to work. The body is designed to push, pull, twist, bend, jump, squat, lunge, carry & develop the ability to move through its range of motion efficiently. We help fix people with corrective, stretching, mobility & proper technique; which allow the body to move in good range of motion through all planes of movement.

The question we have for you is “How are you performing?” At home, in the gym, outside at play in sports & in life? Muscular integrity & building a strong foundation allows the body to move through various primal movements & patterns efficiently & effortlessly which will keep you strong with the structural integrity required to navigate through life, allows us to become physically “stable” which will affect how we access the mental toughness, strength & emotional power necessary to navigate in a resourceful, healthy & strong way! Got Fit?

We provide many tools & types of training to allow each individual to move well & grow stronger, in a safe & fun atmosphere. Whether you choose to train alone or in a small semi-private session, you will be trained & instructed on all the different ways to get more mobility, flexibility & strength while learning to provide your body with the right amount of resistance to build structural integrity & balance in your body. We are dedicated to helping everyone we work with advance their goals & become the best & strongest version of yourself! Got Fit?